38. Cleaning Sundries.

Marion Dampher, Linen Steward, SS Cotopaxi

Hey, Ketchley –

You seen the note what I sent up fur starch and whitening? This is a laundry not the second coming, you bloody miser. How kin I keep the clothing of the muckety mucks pristine, without the bit n’ bittle to doing mah job?

Need Lux, Sunlight, an Borax. An’ more fresh linen. Four gross of Goblin most welcome, too. Get yer finger out. This laundry is about to broil up its own shy-hole – only so many stains kin be removed wif bleach fore everythin turns to tissue pappy.

Oh, an you need a new laundry ‘sistant. Hire wun now! Maybe lack of Borax drove off Coleen (ha, ha) – didn’t turn up for scrubbing this morning. All I got was Albert saying crazy: that she wus lashing out (‘lungin’ he said) after some young gent with a brolly. It weren’t even raining! What’s the world a comin to when even a scrubber winny scrub! That un’ll be getting strips off if she ever shows her peely wally behind dan here again.

PS: what you wanna me to do with these cards? Got another six today stuffed in pockets n’ such. Nice ain’t they – bloody neat handwriting. Wish I cud do prissy words like that. What they for? Everyone got place settins at a proper banquet? What effs. Don’t expect clean table linens. Especially as I don’t seem to be vited. You listenin Ketchley? You better be.

M xxx

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