70. Chief Engineering Officer’s Log, SS Cotopaxi (Confidential).

Date Duty Notes
Sat_______1926, Two Bells Aft Bilge – recovered 1x mannequin arm blocking pump. Noted blood and matted hair on wrist joint. Reported to Captain bilges free of extraneous material. All well.
Sat_______1926, Seven Bells Report of disturbance in Port stow, Deck D. Recovered carpet roll of red, Moroccan design containing 1x passenger from Deck B, Cabin 3. Had Able Seaman Lavery pay better care to his cord winding (on report). All well.
Sat_______1926, Eight Bells Female passenger, Miss R___ in Cabin 8, Deck D. Reports severe blockage of her commode. Removed 1x passenger missing, Cabin 6. Detritus showed vigorous plunger marks. Miss R____ ‘unsure how such-and-such got in there’. Told not to flush anything but faecal and urinal material in future. Miss R____ a picture at word ‘faecal’. All well.
Sun_______1926, Three Bells Private matter on Deck B. Requisitioned 1x scrubbing brush, 1x Mule Team Borax, 1x 20’ light hemp rope and 1 x four square yards of good seaman’s tarpaulin, to amount $2.85. All well.
Sun_______1926, Five Bells Dumped all shipboard garbage to sea. All well.

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