76. Looting sickbay.

The ghoulish nurse was still at her station when I arrived in sickbay. Do these people ever sleep?  I couldn’t tell if she remembered me, or even noticed my arrival, but I imagined her eyes were pinned like gimlets to the back of my neck, as I rummaged through the sickbay cabinets and drawers, flagrantly looting the place. I bet she was fuming, but still she didn’t react. There are rules – perhaps non-obstruction is one of theirs?

There was a queer selection of medical supplies in the cabinets.  Why does a cruise ship – even a ‘murder cruise’ – need such a plentiful supply of colostomy bags?  I know most people will do anything they can to survive, but does that really extend to replacing basic human needs with a plastic bag? So inelegant and… grimy.  Perhaps that’s why the crew seem to be omnipresent?  Can’t be having your murder party ruined because someone has to visit the bathroom.  No, no, no, that wouldn’t do at all.  My first few days barricaded in my room may have been more bearable, hadn’t I needed to take care of business – but in retrospect, the wretched stink of overflowing porcelain was still a preferable choice.

The sickbay was much larger than I remembered, but it wasn’t long before I found what I was looking for – another syringe filled with whatever concoction the nurse used to knock me out a few days earlier.  At least I think it’s the same. Strangely, it comes pre-packed in the syringe – no bottles.

I don’t know how many passengers are left alive, but I’m certain I’ll have to face a few of them, and I have hopes on Bailey, as well.  Oh, he’s still out there, dear Lucy, and he won’t think twice about killing lil’ ol’ you.

Worse still, he isn’t stupid. I’m still smarting, in more ways than one, after our last encounter: his being so quick to react. His getting the drop on the beastly Beast and my winsome self.  That can’t happen again. I need an equalizer.

They say poison is a woman’s weapon, no? So why not slip him a mickey? I’ll need to be close to him use the syringe, but the drug is quick-acting, and that has to give me some kind of advantage? It’s a risky move, but I need an edge. I’m running out of options, and my wounds are starting to take a toll. Everything aches. My arm is going the way of a battered lump of fish.

But big picture, Lucy – more of a concern, is that while Bailey is certainly an immediate threat, he isn’t the smartest or even the most dangerous person on board.

You’ll still need to deal with X.

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