79. Maud, where are you?

Dear Maud, why do you still haunt me? You were so vivid in that dream.

Where did you come from?  Are you a premonition? A clue? Or a little worm of the mind, seeking to burrow and twist and turn me into loops?

Well, I denounce all such things. Let fate be as it is!

But the thought of you is difficult to shake off – I fear you have become a devious little siren. And we shouldn’t look too deep into such waters, now should we?

Remember when we read that early edition of The Interpretation of Dreams? Your belated birthday present? Perhaps that’s what has left me pondering the ‘latent content’ of my experience?  Well, I’m sure we all have an irrational fear of dying at sea.

The Interpretation of Dreams

I’m not sure Freud’s expertise is required to assist you in your prodding, there.

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