83. Bored, waiting for the bell.

It’s been days since I’ve seen another passenger, although I see the crew are still dutifully manning their stations.  The absence of the now familiar screams echoing through the decks and corridors of the Cotopaxi is eerier than the noises themselves. Now it’s a thunderous silence, with the sense that something else – something bigger – is coming.

I wonder if there are other ships like this one:  empty, lifeless, with nothing but a few lost souls rattling around like fish bones inside, desperately hoping someone else will come along and prove them worthy, or put them out of their misery.  How long have they been waiting?  Weeks? Months? How long will X let the game run and the ship stand? When will he get bored? Everything I know about him says that will be a very bad day indeed.

But is this what I’m to become in the meantime? Someone who craves a card?

(Ring bell.  Salivate.  Kill someone.  Crave the next bell.)

I don’t know if I’m being tested or conditioned.

How long until the bell no longer needs to ring?

Is this the price of survival?

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