23. A prisoner next door?

Maud, I think the person in cabin 10 is a prisoner. Well, I’m not sure, but…

I found a rather incriminating piece of paper today when rummaging for a new book amongst those discarded in the Galeras Cafe – any old pulp paperback to relieve the boredom, eh? (That’s my excuse).

Anyway, it seems that I and a careless guard both have a liking for Winnie-the-Pooh – they must have been using the paper as a bookmark and left it all folded up in the book. There’s a security detail and rota and everything typed on it – someone is going to get into trouble, I think. But see, Room 10!

Well, I suppose it could be the president in there, for all I know. Or a desperado. How about that? Just outside my door: a steak eating, card-writing, desperado who needs a psychiatrist and is under heavy guard…

Hmm, that might not be quite as glamorous as first imagined.


That’s a chair under the doorknob tonight then, Lucy, darling.

I’m such a sap.

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