5. A rose by any other name.

RoseOh how darling! I feel I must have inadvertently attracted the eye of dear Mr. Pelham. This morning I discovered a rose lying in front of my cabin door, delivered with a little card and a solitary kiss. It’s out of season and out at sea, so I can forgive the fact that this little gem is but a bud, closed tight. The thorns are wild-vicious, though. I pricked my finger, so I hope the princess in this adventure doesn’t fall asleep for a hundred years! I’ve popped it in a vase with a little water, and I look forward to seeing how it blooms, what colour it is, etc.

But oh dear, I’ll have to think how best to let down my old, gentleman admirer. Really, what is he thinking? – he’s old enough to be my father, though I do wonder if he’s rich. Tee, hee. Don’t worry, Maud, I’m sure I’ll retain my modesty in the face of his fristily whiskers!

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