33. Campylobacter?

Monsieur Pinon, Executive Chef, SS Cotopaxi, to Mr. Thomas Wayne, Chief Pantryman –

Concerne: Waste.

Monsieur. Sirs –

What is this waste of menu you are complaining? I knowing not what diners are going. If you know, let me know!!! Cotopaxi food qui est fantaistic.

‘Menu overboard?’ ‘Waste?’ These words. Pfft!

Monsieur, I am mad. There is no shame. I am unhappy to angered as… as un requin-bouledogue! Un requin!

Non, non, non, it is MY Cuisse de Canard not making passengers sick to their toilettes. Elsewhere, you should looking for these ‘passagers stupides’, Monsieur!

Oui, now.  Vite! Vite!


Vous belette!

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