34. Ship’s Log No 17554, SS Cotopaxi. Cap: James Drayton.

______26. ____N, ____W. Fair seas.

Off southern coast of Bantiki islands. Made good sailing today av. 21’81 knots. Given our sore disposition towards medical supplies and such other sundries, resolved to put ashore. However, belayed the order to ready the launch at the missing of Third Officer Groves. Where is the man? Then ‘advised’ to not put ashore and push on to ________.

I questioned the ‘request’ but our esteemed passenger in suite 10 has decided that we shall not dally. I did have the temerity to suggest that a lack of fresh water and our lessening stores might make our sailing somewhat fraught, and the passengers entirely confrontational.

His response?

I sincerely hope so.

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