24. Duty Roster: Cabin 10, Special Duties.

  1. All assigned guards to attend to this cabin at all times.
  2. No person to enter and no person to leave, unless by express invitation.
  3. Food and sundries will be delivered three times a day.
  4. Be aware, that a small number of ‘postal’ deliveries will be conducted by cabin staff throughout the watch.
  5. Do not talk to passenger 10.
  6. On no account are passengers to be allowed to enter this cabin.
Guard Period Duty Notes
Grunham, Alf. Middle Watch Nothing to report.
Selby, Reginald Morning Watch Breakfast tray delivered. No sign of tampering. Waved through.
Feldman, Thomas G Forenoon Watch Cabin steward arrived for pickup of cabin post. Waved through.
Harding, Duncan Afternoon Watch Passenger, Anderson, George L, caught brandishing a deadly weapon (saucepan). On interrogation, became clear not undercover sous chef as claimed. Arrested.
Grunham, Alf First Dog Watch Drunken revellers. Cautioned. One instance of coarse language. Moved along.
Selby, Reginald Last Dog Watch Bailey, Harvey – arrested for loutish and provocative behaviour.
Feldman, Thomas G First Watch Noted young, female passenger ‘snooping’ from nearby cabin. Door closed on nod in her direction. No further action.

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