26. Engineering Work Order #15083: Lifeboat Safety Catch


I have removed the safety catch from the lifeboat release, as requested.

Are you sure about that? No point having the safety at all if it’s not going to be used, if you ask me.  I guess the powers-that-be are still back-filling their blues after the Titanic went down, but I’m pretty sure icebergs aren’t the most pressing danger on a cruise to Havana.

Personally, I’m more concerned that some dotty old bird drops a lifeboat on her head, thinking she’s winding out a deck canopy. Or worse, she drops it on my head. I bet you a box of Cyrano Cigars there will be trouble before the end of the week.

Speak to the Captain about it, or Wheatley, will you? Maybe they’ll rescind the order?

And maybe stingrays will ride bicycles across the lagoon, tootling a jazz hornpipe.



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