2. Heads! I’m in luxury!

What a wonder the Cotopaxi is – so modern, so elegant. I’m such an embarrassment, gawping at everything like a gap-toothed yokel with straw in her hair.

Cotopaxi Sketch 1

Northern Star Lines hasn’t scrimped on anything. You can tell the same architect has designed or picked out everything on-board, and done so as a statement, from the shocking coffee sets, down to the decadent lamp shades, and if this is Modernism and Art Deco, then bully for you, Paris! I feel positively dowdy in comparison, like poor old Mole in Wind in the Willows.

Even these diary pages feel off-white against the crisp linens beneath my derriere (mayhap I will have to get a more luxurious diary. Maybe one with a tortoiseshell cover?). The bed is so tightly made, I have determined to bounce a silver dollar off the valance.

CoinHold on…

There. The trajectory was a great success!

Oh, phooey! I just got ink on the pillow.

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