3. Maud, I bought you a postcard, you lucky girl!

Cotopaxi Postcard

I bought a postcard for you today, Maud. It’s a painting on-board the Cotopaxi – an advert really, but you get the idea.

The finish on this ship is so beautiful. I know you love the art of things, as I do – so many geometric and angular forms, chrome, glass, shiny fabrics, mirrors. Doors in polished wood and green, enamelled glass. Sumptuous carpets. Modern bathrooms.

There’s even a pool with a viewing gallery!

And wherever I look, there is the odd exotic touch from the Orient, Africa or Egypt.

Oh, but this is useless, how can I describe all these wonderful things in just a few scribbled words?

Perhaps I should take inspiration from this picture card, and make better use of my sable and Indian ink (in fact, I’ve already been caught in some clumsy doodling – the way Mrs. Parsons went on, you’d think she’d never seen a blithering picture before, much to my embarrassment!)


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